Hello! My name is Ewa Zaremba and I'm from Poland. Atelier Murinae came to life from my love for dolls and everything around them.

I started customizing My Little Pony and vinyl dolls around 2008. In 2010 I discovered BJDs... and fell completely in love with them. Soon after I bought my first MSD and have been a collector ever since. Around 2012 I first started seriously experimenting with doll sculpting, but Mouseling is my first fully finished and casted BJD. Did you know that's one of the reasons behind the studio's name? "Murinae" is actually a mammal subfamily comprised of Old World rats and mice.

I earned a BA in graphic design, worked as a 2D artist in gamedev for over 5 years and created two fantasy-themed webcomics. My strong suit is digital illustration. My other biggest passion is japanese fashion, especially lolita and otome styles. I'm actually a designer for a small indie lolita brand, Lady Sloth!

Thanks for stoping by and please enjoy your stay! ♥

A bunch of info

My personal BJD collection:

·Planetdoll Roseanne, modded, NS
·Doll in Mind Laia, hybrid, NS
·Dollpamm MoMo, PS
·Unoa Lusis Akubi & Decadent, hybrid, FS
·Or-Doll Katrina OE, hybrid, WS
My personal art:

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